Passenger Car tyres

Whether on the highway or around congested city streets, these passenger car tyres offer an exceptional combination of safety, long-lasting tread wear and fuel-efficiency.

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The forever new tyres with Michelin Energy XM2+ performance made to last

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A safer and peaceful drive every day, keeping comfort in and noise out

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Specially engineered for super sport cars and ultra high performance tuning

Born from endurance racing for the most exhilarating drive!

Legal mentions

The sizes and/or speed ratings listed may vary slightly from the specified OE size shown on the vehicle placard. Your local Tyre Dealer, as a trained professional, will provide the required assistance to install the tyre listed by: 


  1. Notifying the owner if the replacement tyres are different in speed rating than the OE tyres and the maximum speed capability of the vehicle is limited to the lower speed rated tyres. 

  2. Determine if any inflation pressure adjustments are necessary with the alternate listed size.