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Game changing tyres for electric vehicles

Optimising tyre performance for your EV

We equip half of all car brands that produce EVs(1) and it's no coincidence

Our engineers work closely with leading electric vehicles manufacturers such as Porsche, Mercedes-AMG, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai, ... to design tyres with performance that matter to EV owners and make electric mobility more enjoyable.

Motion For Life, Michelin - EV 15s - USA

Motion For Life, Michelin - EV 15s - USA

Optimising tyre performance for your EV

Fitting your EV with the right tyres ensures you get an optimal performance in terms of range, longevity (mileage), silence in the cab and safety(2), all while making the most of your driving experience.

Go further between every charge

To maximise battery range, EVs need low rolling resistance tyres. Since 1992 starting with the MICHELIN EnergyTM tyre, we have halved the rolling resistance of our car tyres.(3) Today, we offer tyres, like MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV, that extend range by up to 60km thanks to low rolling resistance.

Go the distance on your set of tyres

EVs need tyres with increased longevity. High torque and battery weight impact the wear of tyres. In 1946, we developed MICHELIN X, the first radial tyre, which significantly increased the durability of our tyres (by 2 to 3 times). Since then, we have continued to offer long-lasting tyres.

Enjoy a quieter drive

Internal noise caused by the tyres is a major concern with noiseless engines. Thanks to MICHELIN AcousticTM technology, the internal noise of the vehicle can be reduced by nearly 20%.(4)

Introducing MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV tyre

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV tyre is inspired by the heritage of the FIA Formula E championship, from 2014 to 2022.

MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV tire: Electrified road control, made to last | Michelin

MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV tire: Electrified road control, made to last | Michelin

From pioneers to the new generation of EVs

For more than 100 years, we design innovative mobility solutions that answer drivers' expectations, while minimising their environmental impact.


MICHELIN e.PRIMACY tyre is designed to reduce the energy consumption(5) of passenger cars. It is chosen by car makers to equip their electric, hybrid or low fuel consumption vehicles. 

MICHELIN City Grip Saver

MICHELIN City Grip Saver tyre is specially developed for electric scooters. It increases battery range thanks to low rolling resistance(6) while maintaining the renowned longevity of the MICHELIN City Grip range!

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Taking action to reduce environmental impact

We lead the way towards mobility with reduced environmental impact(8) and innovate by investing in, around and beyond tyres.

Trust MICHELIN for a better life in motion

Our tyres are trusted by the most demanding ones - consumers, manufacturers, motorsports players and key opinion leaders ask for our products.

MICHELIN and the future of electric mobility

With our capacity for innovation, our expertise in the field of hydrogen fuel cells, and our ability to bring people together, we are a major player in the development of electromobility.