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MICHELIN Manufacturing in India

Truck and Bus Tyres Manufacturing Plant, Performance & Responsibility Program In Tamil Nadu

Manufacturing in India

In 2009, MICHELIN Group and Tamil Nadu government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Michelin’s tyre manufacturing plant, 50 km north of Chennai at SIPCOT Thervoy Kandigai Industrial Park. This 290 acres facility is currently focussed on manufacturing a range of Radial Truck/Bus tyres.

In Q1, 2014, the manufacturing plant near Chennai started commercial production of MICHELIN radial truck tyres. Over 700 people helped bring the plant on stream, of which 350 Indian employees were trained in 12 countries. 4,500 tonnes of machinery requiring 280,000 meters of cable were installed to operationalize the facility.

MICHELIN has adopted and implemented the Group’s “Green Factory” concept at the Chennai plant. Through this initiative, over 6000 saplings have been planted at the site. The plant is currently operational.

MICHELIN Performance and Responsibility

MICHELIN 's CSR policy consists of developing projects that contribute to improving the quality of life of the local population for the long term. Our activities are designed to comply with the commitment of the Group to support and/or implement the Global Compact, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights; the OECD Principles for multinational companies, as well as ILO's recommendations, among other internationally agreed best practices for sustainable development.

In Tamilnadu, India, MICHELIN through its CSR initiatives addresses direct local needs, such as water supply, health, education and professional training, which converge to increasing employability and the well-being of the local population. Some of the Programs undertaken include.

Skill Development Program

The company has initiated numerous programmes to increase viability of local talent to be hired either directly by MICHELIN or, by other enterprises or become entrepreneurs. Towards this end, the company continues to undertake multiple skill development programs such as driving training, baking, Industrial tailoring, electrician training for youth, mobile handset repair training, hotel management and spoken English training.

With the MICHELIN supported programs, 25 women have benefitted with driving training and licences, 76 women were trained for industrial tailoring, 22 persons for hotel management and 190 for spoken English course, so far.

Natural Resource Management

Water management is a crucial area that the company has focussed on around its plant in Tamilnadu. Regular water testing, cleaning of tanks has helped ensure clean and healthy drinking water for the surrounding villages. The company has also helped restore Irrigation channels by de-silting 35 kilometres of irrigation channels helping over 500 families, resulting in increased agricultural yield. With partners, MICHELIN continues to focus on alternate source of energy such as Bio Gas for the local populace. The company has so far constructed 158 units benefiting more than 38 hamlets. In the first phase of the greening drive, the company has planted over 5,472 saplings on 125 acres.


Responding to requests from the local people and as a first step of addressing the health care requirements of the local people, MICHELIN continues to initiate health camps covering pediatrics, gynecology, general health and eye care. Through the MICHELIN organized health camps, 6936 people have been examined, 5134 received medication and 1577 people were treated. The company has also organized 16 Eye Camps, where 4095 people were screened, 229 cataract operations undertaken and 1714 spectacles distributed. Additionally, 2200+ students from various schools have also been screened for health check-up.


MICHELIN supports training camps for teachers which have benefited hundreds of children directly, in addition to providing computer training and after-school support classes reaching out to over 1300 school children. Government KG School (Anganwadi) teachers are trained on early childhood care and development and are provided with teaching and learning materials.

Our Community Relations Philosophy In India

Wherever it operates, MICHELIN is committed to participating harmoniously in the life of our host communities, while fostering their sustainability. CSR is an integral part of our developmental agenda in the country. We have ensured that our CSR policy addresses the actual needs of the local population. Some projects are focused on immediate effects (ex: health camps), some others are designed to better the situation on the long term (projects related to water, energy management, skill training etc)

The actions implemented by the company, especially in Tamilnadu have been decided after a deep analysis of local needs, which were identified through a large economic and social survey and later confirmed through a local stakeholder’s consultation process. Most of our projects are designed with the help of the local stakeholders, at their request, and after consultation with them. The projects are most of the time implemented with the direct participation of the beneficiaries themselves.

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