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MICHELIN tyres for your TATA

MICHELIN offer a large range of TATA tyres for your model, simply input your TATA model information and MICHELIN will guide you to the best tyres to fit your vehicle and performance needs. Enter your vehicle information into the tyre selector at the top of the page or select your TATA model below to see the tyres available from MICHELIN.

TATA models

Indica vista safire 90 lx

Aria pleasure

Aria pride

Bolt all versions (except xt)

Bolt xt

Hexa xe

Hexa xm

Hexa xma

Hexa xt

Hexa xt4x4

Hexa xta

Indica dgl v2

Indica dl v2

Indica dlx v2

Indica ev2

Indica lei v2

Indica lgi v2

Indica lsi v2

Indica lxi v2

Indica v2 dle

Indica v2 dls

Indica v2 turbo dlg

Indica v2 turbo dls

Indica v2 turbo dlx

Indica xeta gl

Indica xeta gle

Indica xeta gle lpg

Indica xeta glg

Indica xeta gls

Indica xeta gls lpg

Indica xeta glx

Indica vista aqua safire

Indica vista aqua tdi

Indica vista aura safire

Indica vista quadra

Indica vista quadrajet gls

Indica vista quadrajet glx

Indica vista quadrajet gvx

Indica vista quadrajet gzx

Indica vista quadrajet ls

Indica vista quadrajet lx

Indica vista quadrajet vx

Indica vista quadrajet zx

Indica vista safire 65 gls

Indica vista safire 65 glx

Indica vista safire 65 gvx

Indica vista safire 65 ls

Indica vista safire 65 lx

Indica vista safire 65 vx

Indica vista safire 90 glx

Indica vista safire 90 gvx

Indica vista safire 90 gzx

Aria prestige

Indica vista safire 90 vx

Indica vista safire 90 zx

Indica vista tdi gls

Indica vista tdi glx

Indica vista tdi ls

Indica vista tdi lx

Indica vista tera safire

Indica vista tera tdi

Indigo all versions

Indigo- manza all versions

Indigo- marina all versions

Indigo xl all versions

Movus lx

Nano -

Nano all versions

Nano cx

Nano lx

Nexon xe, xm, xt

Nexon xz+

Safari all versions (4x2)

Safari all versions (4x4)

Safari ex dicor 2.2

Safari exi petrol

Safari gx dicor 2.2

Safari lx dicor 2.2

Safari vx dicor 2.2

Safari storme ex (4x2)

Safari storme lx (4x2)

Safari storme vx (4x2)

Safari storme vx (4x4)

Sumo spacio gold

Sumo spacio sa gold

Sumo victa cx

Sumo victa di turbo cx

Sumo victa di turbo ex

Sumo victa di turbo gx

Sumo victa di turbo lx

Sumo victa ex

Sumo victa gx

Sumo victa gx (turbo)

Sumo victa lx

Sumo-grande ex

Sumo-grande gx

Sumo-grande lx

Telcoline tl 4x4

Tiago all versions

Tigor xe

Tigor xt,xz,xz(o) - diesel

Tigor xz, xz(o) - petrol

Winger all versions

Zest all versions