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Michelin Warranty for auto tyres

Michelin promises to deliver the very best and with over a century of designing tyres, we back that promise. Our tyres are made following meticulous quality standards. That is why every tyre designed and manufactured by Michelin, is warranted by Michelin as per the below warranty guidelines. Register and benefit from it!

Warranty Guideline: For tyre purchased on or after 1st June 2020

Michelin tyres are warranted against defect in material or workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase or until the wear of the minimum legal tread depth (based on India legislation) whichever occurs first.

Warranty Guideline: For tyre purchased before 1st June 2020

Michelin tyres are warranted against defect in material or workmanship be for a period of 6 (Six) years from the date of manufacturing, or 3 (three) years from the date of purchase or till the “Life of the Original Usable Tread” whichever occurs first.

Life of the original usable tread is the original tread depth down to the level of tread wear Indicators (TWI) – 1.6 mm in case of Passenger Car/SUV tyre.


1.  The warranty shall apply only to new and original Michelin Product(s)
2.  The warranty shall not be extended to (i) Michelin consumers using second hand Michelin Products; (ii) products purchased from Non-Authorized dealers, (iii) MICHELIN products sold/distributed by any unauthorized third party (iv) parallel imports by third parties and (v) tyres fitted on OE vehicles and not within the product catalogue of Michelin India Pvt. Ltd. as on date of import of the vehicle. (the warranty for such cases lies with the vehicle OE since any alteration in original parts impacts the warranty of the vehicle)
3.  This warranty is applicable only for MICHELIN brand Products whose digital warranties are registered with Michelin India, or if there is proof of purchase. The digital warranty is mandatory for all tyres that are purchased after 1st November 2016 where-as for tyres purchased before 1st November 2016 alternate to digital warranty the invoice from authorized dealer will also be considered as a proof of purchase for the deciding the claim 
4.  Date of purchase is documented by the new vehicle registration in case of OEM and tyre sale invoice or Digital Warranty Number in case of RT sales (whichever is first)
5.  The warranty is applicable for all Michelin authorized point of sales across all product lines e.g. dealers, distributors, OEs, retread partners

Warranty shall not apply in case of the following:

1.    Road hazard injury (e.g. a cut, snag, bruise, impact damage or puncture, whether repairable or not); or
2.    Incorrect mounting or demounting of the tyre, tyre/wheel imbalance or improper repair; or
3.    Mechanical irregularity in the vehicle such as wheel misalignment resulting in uneven, excess or rapid wear; or
4.    Tyres fitted to or used with incompatible or improper valves, rims or wheels; or
5.    Vehicles, which are carrying loads or running at speeds higher than the load and speed index marked on the tyre side walls or that recommended for the vehicles; or
6.    Under-inflation, over-inflation, improper maintenance or other abuse; or
7.    Tyres purchased second hand; or
8.    Improper storage; or
9.    Tyres, which have not been fitted or used in accordance with the technical recommendations of the manufacturer as published from time to time; or
10.    Accident, fire, chemical explosion, tyre alteration or vandalism; or
11.    Tyres purchased from unauthorized dealers; or
12.    Climatic or ozone effects.
13.    Manipulation done on tyre
14.    Tyres with Vandalism, intentional poking, etc
15.    Tyres retreaded or re-grooved
16.    Remaining Tread Depth reaching below 1.6 mm
17.    Repairable damages like puncture
18.    Failure due to non-recommended repair
19.    Gaiter damage or just patch repair from inside keeping outside open
20.    Uneven wear (center wear; difference center to shoulder should not be >= 4.0 mm; uneven wear should not be >=4.0 mm; camber wear should not be >= 4.0 mm)
21.    Tampering of the tyre serial number (specifically for TB tyres)
22.    Rat bitten tubes

The Michelin Product warranty does not include/provide compensation for loss of time, loss of use of vehicle, inconvenience or incidental or consequential damages. Tyre presented for claim remains the property of the owner/consumer. Michelin accepts no responsibility for loss of, or damage to, tyres which are in the custody or control of a Michelin authorized tyre dealer for inspection purpose for warranty adjustment. Only after tyre is accepted for claim it becomes the property of Michelin India Pvt. Ltd. Additionally the cost of fitting, balancing, and any other service charges and applicable taxes has to be borne by consumer in case of accepted claim.

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