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MICHELIN offers a large range of MARUTI SUZUKI tyres for your model, simply input your MARUTI SUZUKI model information and MICHELIN will guide you to the best tyres to fit your vehicle and performance needs. Enter your vehicle information into the tyre selector at the top of the page or select your MARUTI SUZUKI model below to see the tyres available from MICHELIN.


Ritz zdi

800 all versions

A-star vxi

A-star zxi

Alto lx

Alto lxi

Alto std

Alto 800 all versions

Alto k10 all versions

Alto k10 lxi

Alto k10 vxi

Baleno alpha

Baleno delta (both manual and automatic)

Baleno lxi

Baleno rs

Baleno sigma

Baleno vxi

Baleno zeta

Celerio lxi-at

Celerio lxi-mt

Celerio vxi-at

Celerio vxi-mt

Celerio zxi-at

Celerio zxi-mt

Ciaz all versions [except zxi(o) & zdi(o)]

Ciaz zdi(o)

Ciaz zxi(o)

Eeco 5 seater-a/c

Eeco 5 seater-standard

Eeco 7 seater-standard

Ertiga ldi

Ertiga lxi

Ertiga vdi

Ertiga vxi

Ertiga zdi

Ertiga zxi

Esteem lx

Esteem lxi

Esteem vxi

Grand vitara 2.0 mt

Grand vitara xl-7 at

Grand vitara xl-7 mt

Gypsy all versions

Ignis all versions

Kizashi all versions

Omni all versions

Ritz all versions

Ritz ldi

Ritz lxi

Ritz vdi

Ritz vxi

A-star lxi

Ritz zxi

S-cross all versions

Swift all versions

Swift amt vdi

Swift amt vdi 80

Swift amt vxi

Swift amt vxi 80

Swift amt zdi

Swift amt zxi

Swift ldi

Swift lxi

Swift lxi 80

Swift vdi

Swift vdi 80

Swift vxi

Swift vxi 80

Swift zdi

Swift zdi+

Swift zxi

Swift zxi+

Swift dzire all versions

Swift dzire ldi

Swift dzire lxi

Swift dzire vdi

Swift dzire vxi

Swift dzire zdi

Swift dzire zdi+

Swift dzire zxi

Sx4 vxi

Sx4 zxi

Versa dx 5 seater

Versa dx 8 seater

Versa dx2 5 seater

Versa dx2 8 seater

Vitara brezza all versions (except zdi & zdi+)

Vitara brezza zdi & zdi+

Wagon-r ax

Wagon-r lpg lx duo

Wagon-r lpg lxi duo

Wagon-r lx

Wagon-r lxi

Wagon-r vxi

Wagon-r stingray lxi

Wagon-r stingray vxi

Wagon-r stingray vxi(o)

Zen lx

Zen lxi

Zen vxi

Zen estilo lx

Zen estilo lxi

Zen estilo vxi