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Story of the best logo of the 20th Century


In 125 years, the MICHELIN Man has become one of the most well-known brand logo in the world. Marketing pioneer with a certain talent for publicity, dynamic and jovial, he moves from a brand ambassador to an emblematic brand icon. Since the beginning, he has been helping us to show everyday to all public around the world how to achieve a better mobility.

The MICHELIN Man is born

The Michelin Man is born


At the International Exhibition in Lyon, The MICHELIN brothers were looking for an original way of presenting the company’s products. The organiser of the MICHELIN stand had placed two piles of tyres at the entrance. Edouard MICHELIN pointed to them and said: "Look at that. Add some arms, and you’d say they were men."

Marketing localization era
3 5 tip 1907

The MICHELIN Man crossed the Atlantic and set up in USA. The advertising became more educational: the MICHELIN Man was depicted as a giant accompanying and advising travellers by explaining the advantages of his products. This approach became the main one in the 1930’s on all MICHELIN Man advertorials.

International Recognition
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The MICHELIN Man is elected “best logo of the century

3 5 tip 2011

The MICHELIN Man became part of the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame in New York City, United States.

3 5 tip 2014

The MICHELIN Man celebrates his 125 years, demonstrating the strength and sustainability of this brand ambassador in its dynamic and visionary approach to demonstrate to all public around the world how to achieve a better mobility.

MICHELIN Man exhibition site

History of the MICHELIN Group

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