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Reviews By Google

Raghava Reddy

Very bad customer service here!! Dear Friends, Please don't give you car servicing here. Issues i have suffered with Sundaram Honda secunderabad. 1) Service Advice : who don't have a knowledge on Car they will give you an estimation about your car 2) No proper follow up with Us. 3) Delivery time is sucks because adviser tell something engineer will found something (Servicing is very good!!) 4) Adviser always concentrate on the well known customers or Free service customers. 5) Every time I need to call to service center about my car servicing status. 6) After servicing : while paying bill. They will provide you feedback form. Adviser will always ask you for review 8-9-10 out of 10. 7) May be they don't submit low feedback form to higher management. For 3 Free services I have given 10 out 10. but very bad experience with Sundaram honda on my paid services. If management see this review please train your Advisers how to deal with customers. else recruit Skilled Labors.

Sylver Cloud

I gave my car for service about half a dozen times at sundaram. Every time they did either a half baked job or messed up in some places they shouldn't have had even touched. E.g. When given for Teflon coating they apply some grease to shine plastic surfaces but they ended it applying to wiper blades as well. I drove out under cloud and a minutes later it started raining. When I turned on wipers I was totally blinded with the windshield turning white in full traffic. I had to remove the grease by sturdily rubbing off the blades and ended up damaging one of them. When I complained they only gave fauxpologies and refused to own the botch up. Another time they stuck a sticker with their brand name and refused to remove it. In 2017 I gave the car for front driver side door body work. They kept delaying delivery and when I finally saw the car something was a miss. Inside cabin, cigar lighter was ripped apart. There was a strange noise of something vibrating inside the door. The drivers side back door had a big smudge as if a local paint job had been done. Everything pointed to some conspiracy to cover up something. They denied anything happened to the car but agreed to clean the smudge on rear door. I had to visit them thrice. I complained to their corporate but got only "sorry sir. We will look into it." When they called back a few months later I asked what happened to my complaint and heard the same fauxpologies with some excused. I decided never ever to go back to them and instead now go to Metro. Even in 2012-13 the first time I ever gave my car there I was very anxious because they had a very very ill reputation on customer service. I had heard horror stories way more worse than what I experienced later. But had no choice as the only other option (then Pride Honda) was way too far from my location after I moved to this part of the city.

Santanu Bhattacherjee

Good service and courteous stuff. If you have to give your vehicle for servicing then better go there around 10-11 in morning

Sri Ram Tarun

It's the best service centre for Honda in the city.

Krishna Chaitanya

Sundaram head office in Hyderabad. Nice showroom. Complete with sales and full fledged services.
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