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Prabhu Seshadri

Good place for Michelin tyres..

Abishek Ravindra Kumar

Teja Tyres: I went to get my car's all the 5 tyres changed, but to my bad luck only 4 were avaiable. Had to go back again to get it done. Owner filled 4 tyres with nitrogen and one with regular air. I kept wondering why!? So I asked if any particular reason is there for which he said it's only a Stepney and there is no need for it to have nitrogen. He also charged me extra 2% for credit card payment and told me if I don't charge you, the CC company will charge me. I guess no other company charges any amount on CC payment. The boys are quick in their job. They changed the tyres and fillled nitrogen and allined them with in 25 mins maximum. But it's better to check other tyre dealers before you go to tejas because you may end up feeling cheated. Pros: 1. They fast in their job. 2..Bajaj finance is available. 3. Place is clean Cons: 1. They are expensive. 2. They add 2% to credit card payment. Though none other institute is charging the same.(Ended up paying extra).

Vivian Abishai Chitati

The Tyre shop is well equipped with machine's related to tyre fixtures. Laser guided wheel alignment and spacious shop floor. Different tyre brands available and Nitrogen air is available. Resonble rates and.

Raghuram K

I bought 2 car tyres from here. The service was excellent and owner is very good. He is willing to give maximum discount.

vinoth kumar

I have checked the price with other retailer but here the only place i saw lowest price. quality and customer service is good. i really appreciate ..
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