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Omkar Pawaskar

Competitive car tyre prices, quick & courteous service, helps in selection of tyres right for your vehicle. Availed free wheel alignment & balancing computersied report filled with nitrogen for 4 new tyres for my car. Overall better than best Michelin car tyre dealer in Thane West. Must visit before replacing existing car tyres.

Sanket Patil

The owner is nice to speak with but the workers are a bit arrogant.

Anurag Somani

Service is quick but very pricey.. 1040 for wheel balancing and alignment (costs ~ 700 in similar shops elsewhere). Additionally, they aren't really willing to disclose if the car needs all the jobs. The larger the list, the merrier for them.


Authorized distributor of Michelin and Yokohama! I have bought around 12 tyres (8 for my cars and 4 for my friend's) and it has been delight on all three occasions. They have latest gadgetry and offer free wheel alignment and balancing if you purchase tyres from them - very satisfying experience. I also noticed they always have the latest stock available. Highly recommended :)

Bhuman Thakkar

Best alignment in thane
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