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rama rao

Always I had good experience at this place. They are honest in assessing the problem. Also, their labour charges are economical compared to any other multibrand service centers. I reduced one star because their workshop is small and hence chances of your vehicle getting out with minor scratches are there .Though it is not so easy to expand the workshop, considering the fact it is a costly activity, they should try to handle the car with little bit more care.

Manu Narayanan

I had worst experince with EZ. My Car met with accident. Insurance ppl gave this workshop. they replaced bumper, front frame etc, but ddint check the radiator fan thoroughly. Around 30k was spent. in couple of days, car stopped in the middle of ORR and I had to tow it to their workshop. they told that fan was not working and due to that Head gasket has burnt. they opened head and replaced the gasket. But afyer that my car started stopping when i shift the gear down in many places occassionally. I noticed the RPM going down and hitting 0 sometimes. when i took it to them they told there is no issue with the car. I noticed that Suprevisor was using OBD and selected some other car model and told no errors. when i guided him he could find few errros. but he just reset them and gave it back. Again in the middle of the road car stopped, steering got hard, brake failed and i hit a scooter. i was with my family that time. when i took it again, their supervisor Jagdeesh was really rude. Mr Babu and Jagdeesh denied to provide service. they told they dont have the expertise and asked me to take the car to Authorized workshop. Either they dont have the expertise to do major fixes or they just dont own the mistake they made. So be careful when you approch them for major work. THiS IS MY EXPERIRNCE. I have seen them denying the review stating that it is not their customer, but I was his customer and I ahve bills and audio records if needed 😊

Rajesh kumar

they had bandwidth issues. Not happy with water service. Price and overall service is good.

Akhila Kakeri

I've been going here frequently for my Chevrolet. The customer care by Jagdeesh is pretty good and they don't rip you off! On the contrary, the prices are pretty reasonable and they stick to the servicing time they give you. The finishing could be a little improved, but overall a good experience everytime.

Sudhakar Reddy K

Good service & reasonable prices
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