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Chaitanya Krishna

Very quick service and great discount on all the brands. In less than an hour fix all four tyres with brand new ones. Dynamic balancing was also offered on discounted prices.

Jayanth Krupanidhi

Impressed by all the positive reviews, I visited this shop for getting all 4 tyres of my Wagon R replaced. I should say, the overall experience was indeed a very pleasant and satisfying one! A gentleman named Kunal guided me through the entire process, right from listing me the possible options along with prices - MRF, Bridgestone & Continental. He clearly explained the differences between the three in terms of riding comfort, braking response, rubber density etc. I chose Continental almost instantly. The prices he quoted were also the best possible (since I had been checking on the prices in different websites including Amazon). Got free wheel balancing and fitting while wheel alignment was charged at Rs.500. I could go through the shop and watch all the work being done standing nearby, which might not be so important for a few, but certainly gives a customer the confidence that all the processes are transparent. Also pleased to note that no service charges were being levied for credit card payment (most tyre dealers do). Overall time taken for the end to end process was an hour and 15 mins. Would highly recommend this shop without a second thought to anyone who's looking to get their car tyres changed!

NarasinganalluShankar Seshanaath

Good service reasonable price Seshan RE Bikes tuner

Mathu Bose

Can get MRF tyres best price. Fitting free

Joseph Amir Dev

Purchased My Michelin Tyres for My 1978 Bullet at best price here 😎
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