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MICHELIN recommended price

4 sizes available from ₹5,330.00*



Go long, go strong with Michelin Agilis Tyres.

Why is this the right tyre for me?

Car picto gif lasts x miles longer tyres

Great Mileage

Lasts 30% longer than its predecessor*, saving you money

*Compared to MICHELIN Vanpix. Based on Internal tests

car schema great mileage tyres

Unique Tread Compound with an optimum blend of polymer ensures excellent tyre mileage.

car gif faster shorter braking dry tyres

Better Grip

Even pressure distribution in the contact patch offers enhanced grip*

*Compared to MICHELIN Vanpix. Based on Internal tests

car schemas better grip tyres

Durable contact patch technology with full nylon cap ply provides even pressure distribution in the contact patch leading to better grip.

car gif terrain proof tyres

Superior Robustness

Providing protection against kerb damage, ensuring you achieve maximum mileage*.

*Compared to MICHELIN Vanpix. Based on Internal tests

car picto superior robustness tyres

Eight strategically placed kerb protectors on the tyre sidewall protects the sidewall from road hazard injuries.

michelin warranty banner

michelin warranty banner



MICHELIN serves its customers by producing tyres that maintain high performance and efficiency standards throughout their lifetimes, including for grip and feel. This is a strategy that the Group applies across all its activities and products, from cars and motorcycles to trucks.


MICHELIN product performance is a result of great care and quality built into the product at every stage of the production process. MICHELIN products are assured through MICHELIN Group’s global quality standards - a benchmark in the industry.


MICHELIN tyres are warranted* against defect in material or workmanship for a period of five (5) years  from the date of purchase, or until the wear of the minimum legal tread depth (according to country legislation), whichever occurs first.


* Terms and conditions apply. For details, please ask one of our authorised dealers in Africa, India and Middle East.


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22 reviews
5 / 5


orando - December 3, 2018

Put these tyres on my 2014 Renault trafic long wheel base work van. They last longer than Original continentals without sacrificing grip. They grip well in wet and dry conditions. I’ve purchased cheaper Achilles multivan tyres but the cost saving isn’t actually saving you when these Michelin’s last twice as long and provide twice the grip over cheaper brands. I regularly pull a trailer and overall weigh over 3 tonnes all up with all the gear I carry and these tyres have handled all conditions with ease. They wear fantastic and have lasted longer than any other tyre I’ve tried. If I’m being critical they are getting toward their treadmark indicators and I drive on wet mountain roads. When pushed I’m starting to get some slight understeer but this is picked up within a milli second by esp and the Michelin’s grip well again instantly. This is just due to being almost ready to replace and to still be gripping this well when 90% worn is actually impressive. Will definitely be replacing with another set. Also very resistant to damage. In my work I have to drive up gutters, through waste disposal sites and scrap metal yards and these tyres have never had a puncture which is amazing. Worth the money.

  • Dry grip and braking
  • Longevity
  • Wet grip and braking
5 / 5

Great product

August 13, 2013

I am very impressed with Michelin and the quality of their product. It is a smooth drive and helps improve the quality of any trip. I would recommend this type of tire or any Michelin brand tire.

    4 / 5

    sure handled that nail well !!

    lulu6 - August 13, 2013

    nothing but Michelins have been on this car since new!! 1996 !!

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      Does this tyre fit my vehicle?

      4 sizes available for this tyre


      185 R14 102R
      MICHELIN recommended price ₹5,330.00*
      Width 185
      Diameter 14
      Load Index 102
      Speed Index R
      MICHELIN recommended price ₹6,365.00*
      Width 195
      Diameter 15
      Load Index 104
      Speed Index R
      205/65R15 102T
      MICHELIN recommended price ₹6,070.00*
      Width 205
      Aspect ratio 65
      Diameter 15
      Load Index 102
      Speed Index T
      215/70R15 109S
      MICHELIN recommended price ₹5,940.00*
      Width 215
      Aspect ratio 70
      Diameter 15
      Load Index 109
      Speed Index S
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