Due to lockdown across the country, many vehicle owners could find themselves parking their vehicles up for the foreseeable future. Here, we take a look at what you need to do in terms of vehicle & tyre care during isolation.

Tyre Maintenance During Lockdown

Tyre maintenance during lockdown is essential. Tyres, naturally, lose some of their pressure. This is usually at around 1 psi or 0.07bars per month however, it can be accelerated by other factors, including a puncture, improper inflation pressure & excessive load. Inflation pressures should be set at the normal level for the vehicle. If the tyre is underinflated by up to 7psi, without any signs of visible damages, such as cuts and bulges to the sidewall, they can usually be re-inflated.

If, however, the tyre pressure is underinflated by more than 7psi, the tyre should be removed and inspected by an expert to ensure that structural damage has not occurred. Check your vehicle’s manual for  recommended tyre pressure and inflate to that value. For this you will need both a tyre pressure gauge and a pump.

Avoid parking on stones or objects that might dig in and damage the tyre wall. Similarly, avoid parking in pools of water or oil and, if possible, shelter tyres from continued direct sunlight with covers. We advise you to check your tyre pressure at least once per month and certainly before use, if the vehicle hasn’t been used for any significant length of time.

Read more about checking your tyre pressure, browse our full catalogue of tyres, or contact us today for further enquiries.

How to Avoid A Flat Battery During Coronavirus Lockdown?

A growing concern for many car owners has been their vehicles refusing to start when they need them again, post-isolation. If you use your vehicle to carry out essential journeys, such as picking up shopping and medication, this will provide the sufficient maintained charge that your battery requires, provided that the shops are a few miles away.

Alternatively, you could invest in a battery charger but, before doing so consult the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines.

The timeframe of which a battery will last depends on a range of different factors including the climate on which the car operates in, how regularly the car is driven, and how well both the car and battery are maintained. Therefore, it is difficult to predict how long a battery will last.

Ensure that you have turned off your lights, as these will, inevitably, drain your battery.

If, when you go to use your car again, the battery has gone flat, contact a mechanic for further advice.

Brake Maintenance During Lockdown

When a car remains stationary for an extended period of time, you may find that the brakes have built up corrosion on the surface thanks to moisture, something you will be able to see on the exterior of the brakes discs and, similarly, hear when driving. Usually, this is not a cause for concern and will disappear once the car has been driven. However, if the problem persists, contact a mechanic, as seized calipers can cause extensive wear and damage.

If the handbrake is engaged fully, and the car remains stationary for an extended period of time, you could experience issues with the handbrake cable. If you are parking your manual car on a flat surface on a driveway, engage first gear, and apply the handbrake to its half potential. A pair of wheel chocks will help prevent the car from rolling.

Using your car sparingly will keep components lubricated and fully functioning.

Are you supposed to drive during Lockdown?

Check out our tips on commuting with care during isolation.

Tyre Pressure For Cars
A tyre loses some of its pressure through natural causes (typically around 1 psi (0.076 bars) per month).

Commuting With Care During Isolation
The most important thing at current times is staying safe in all walks of life.

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