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MICHELIN Mobility Innovation Challenge

About MICHELIN Mobility innovation challenge

For 125 years, MICHELIN has been innovating to create better mobility by providing tires that meet real customer-needs. We are dedicated to cultivating a culture of innovation. Our goal of  innovating better and faster so to maintain our lead over the competition and deliver solutions that are increasingly effective and competitive, and perfectly suited to the challenges of mobility, continues to be the driver of our company culture.

More than 60% of the world's oil output is used in transportation. Around the world, fuel efficiency and emissions standards are being tightened in response to the growing scarcity of fossil fuels, climate change and the need to protect the environment, especially in urban areas. To meet this challenge, the automobile industry is undergoing a profound shift towards cleaner, more connected road mobility that makes more efficient use of energy and raw materials.

Michelin Mobility Innovation Challenge draws from the organization’s continuous vigor for Innovation and our faith in the young innovative minds of the country.

#IndiaDrivesChange - India is transforming and at Michelin India, we are a proud partner of this journey.

A global village - India’s progress today attracts top talents to explore enormous opportunities that the country offers.

Our storyboard reflects this – the India that is on the move and the achievers who are driving this change.

At Michelin, we have never been more prouder than today to be associated with India’s transformation journey and this year's competition is an attempt to recognize and salute India and drive change.

This year we invite the young minds of the country to come forward and innovate, solve problems, create solutions and enhance the value of everything that has the potential to change the future of Indian Mobility.

Pillars of MICHELIN Mobility Innovation Challenge

The Challenge will focus on 4 broad pillars whose aim is not to restrict but to focus the light of innovation around the mentioned domains. The idea is for the innovations coming forward to lie within and around the areas of focus.

    Innovative materials
    Sustainable Mobility
    AI and Simulations
    Value Adding Services

For any query regarding the MICHELIN Mobility Innovation Challenge, please write to a MICHELIN mentor of your choice, Click here to know more.   You may also write to us at innovationchallenge@michelin.com

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