All Participants  can get in touch with Michelin mentors .Participants or institutes can contact them directly for queries and questions regarding the challenge. A part of their roles is to ensure the relevance of the innovations with the themes declared.

The Mentors will not be responsible for in-depth technical guidance or for any help in solution finding.


Mr. Vasant Rajeev Hegde
Performance Specialist (Rolling Resistance)
Phone: +91 7585012261
Email: vasant.hegde@michelin.com


Sheetal Patil
Engineer R&D
Phone: +91 7774887501
Email: sheetal.patil@michelin.com


Ragul N K
Product Analyst
Phone: +91 9789408781, +91 7904434929
Email: ragul.nk@michelin.com


Sarang Kumbhalkar
Automobile and Mechanical engg
Phone: +91 8275698564
Email: sarang.kumbhalkar@michelin.com

For any query regarding the MICHELIN Mobility Innovation Challenge, please write to a MICHELIN mentor of your choice, Click here to know more.   You may also write to us at innovationchallenge@michelin.com

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