India Drives Change


#IndiaDrivesChange Hindi

This story is about YOU!
You are the change driver, challenger of the status quo, the unshakable doer.
You are setting the pace that is driving our nation’s progress. So to you – Michelin India raises a toast
- for driving this transformation.

#IndiaDrivesChange - India is transforming and at Michelin India, we are a proud partner of this journey.
A global village - India’s progress today attracts top talents to explore enormous opportunities that the country offers.
Our storyboard reflects this – the India that is on the move and the achievers who are driving this change.

Michelin came to India almost a decade ago and through state of the art manufacturing plant in Chennai and a rapidly
expanding distribution network, has established itself as a leading international tyre company in the country.
Today, Michelin India offers a range of tyres, which feature the best of Michelin’s innovative technology,
catering to the rising demands of Passenger Cars, Truck & Bus, Two wheeler & Off Road vehicles in India.

This campaign is an attempt to recognize and salute India and its change drivers.
At Michelin, we have never been more prouder than today to be associated with India’s transformation journey.

energy xm2 pluse


The forever new tyres with Michelin Energy XM2+ performance made to last

primacy 4st


A safer and peaceful drive every day, keeping comfort in and noise out

ps4 sub


The MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 SUV tyre, specially made for premium SUVs,

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