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Reviews By Google

Sandeep Bhasin

The problem with this place is that they think they are extra smart... and I guess they are. I had to change my car tyres and I dropped by this place. I assumed that they would do the job for me at the least possible cost. I was wrong. They sold me the tyres at at least 10% extra cost (my problem that I took them at face value). I also got the panting done from here as one had banged the car from Behind. He charged me 1500 per panel but did only half the job. He requested me to come again but when I came at the pre-decided time, I was told that we can't do it now and you'll have to come during day time. Miscommunication galore. If you wish to come here, please come at your own risk. Also, just try and negotiate well with them. They charge 2% extra for credit card payments.

Tarun Gupta

Went their for wheel alignment and balancing. Their staff doesn’t even know the right place to put a jack. They put the jack in the wrong place and then said nothing is wrong. I came back without getting alignment done. Not recommended

Mayank Gupta

Their prices are very competitive in Gurgaon, not expensive. Just bargain a bit. Accept credit/debit cards without any extra charge. Shop is big, ample parking space. Hadn't got the fitting done by them though due to non-availability of particular tire.

CA Vikas Dahiya

Better deal, superb products

Surender Singh

Dealer street view