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Terms and Conditions – Michelin Review & Win Contest The following terms govern the Review & Win contest ("Contest") conducted by Michelin India Private Limited ("MIPL") on the Michelin India website. All persons participating in the contest shall be governed by the following terms and conditions: ELIGIBILITY 1. Any person who is above 18 years of age and who has purchased any Michelin tyre shall be eligible to enter in the Contest ("Participant"). This Contest is applicable only to persons residing in India. MIPL reserves the right to seek for proof of age or any other relevant information from the Participant. 2. Each participant must ensure that his/her participation in the Contest is lawful and is in accordance with the applicable laws. 3. No participation or other fee is required to be paid for participating in the Contest. CONTEST 1. The Contest begins at 00:00 Hours on 15 June July 2017 and ends on 15 July August 2017 at 23.59 Hours ("the Contest Period"). Entries submitted till 15 July August 2017, 23.59 Hours will be considered. MIPL reserves its right to curtail or extend the Contest Period, as it deems necessary at any point of time, during the Contest Period. 2. The participant shall enter into the contest in following manner. (a) Participant has to share his review of Michelin tyres as per link provided (b) Confirmatory mail will be sent to the participant who has to confirm the submission. (c) The entry submitted by the Participant should not contain inappropriate, malicious, defamatory, obscene, hateful or indecent materials and the entries abiding by the above and the Michelin India website terms of use will be published on the Michelin India website solely at the discretion of Michelin. ("Eligible Entries") (d) All Eeligible Eentries will win Discount Shopping vouchers worth Rs 500 and the same will be sent to the registered email address of the Participant. (e) At the end of the Contest Period, winners will be chosen by an independent jury from an external agency and the decision of the jury shall be final and binding on Participants. Michelin shall in no way be responsible for any activity related to such selection. (f) Only the First 25 Eligible Entries will win Michelin merchandise. (g) Top 3 Eligible entries chosen by independent jury referred in Clause 2(d) above will win Travel Vouchers worth Rs 10,000. (h) All the vouchers provided for the winning entries shall be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the said voucher. 3. The Participation in the contest is voluntary and the Participants are free to opt out of the contest at any point of time. 4. The Participant confirms that the content posted is his/her original contribution and does not infringe the rights of any third party including copyright trademark, privacy or any other similar right and to the maximum extent permissible under law, the Participant hereby agrees to indemnify MIPL, its directors, officers, employees and agents from any losses, damages, claims or demands whatsoever arising from or related to the Contest including the infringement of intellectual property rights, privacy and similar rights of a third party. 5. MIPL shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or liability arising due to the participation in the Contest. 6. The Participant grants to MIPL and its affiliates a non-exclusive, unlimited, perpetual worldwide license to copy, modify and otherwise use and distribute their submission entry and/or photo and/or any element of the submission, in any and all media and in any publication whether online, offline or on the Internet. MIPL shall also be free to use any ideas, concepts, photos, know-how or techniques contained in such submissions or materials for any purpose. 7. MIPL does not make any commitment, express or implied, to respond to any feedback, suggestion and or queries of the participants or furnish any reason or explanation at any stage. 8. MIPL may assign any or all of its rights under these Terms and Conditions to its affiliates without consent of the participants. 9. Participation in the Contest shall be construed as an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions stipulated herein. Any breach or default by a Participant of any of the Terms and Conditions herein shall result in immediate disqualification without notice. 10. MIPL also reserves the right to withdraw or discontinue the Contest at any stage without any liability whatsoever to the Participant and/or anyone. 11. MIPL officials engaged in the organization and management of the Contest, including its directors, officers, partners, employees, consultants and agents are under no obligation to render any advice or service to any Participant in respect of the Contest. 12. Any attempt by a participant to deliberately damage any website or undermine the legitimate operation of the contest is in violation of applicable Criminal and Civil Laws and should such an attempt be made, MIPL reserves the right to seek damages from any such Participant to the fullest extent permitted by law. 13. Prizes shall neither be transferable nor exchangeable for cash or otherwise. Mere participation in the Contest shall not entitle a participant to any Prize. No other person or agent can claim the Prizes on behalf of the participant. 14. All applicable taxes under the Income Tax Act, 1961 or similar legislations including TDS, be borne by the Participant alone. MIPL shall be in no way responsible or liable for payment of any tax on the prize given under this contest. 15. An incomplete entry /submission by a Participant is liable to be rejected. MIPL reserves the right to reject any entry/submission without assigning any reason thereof. Any decision taken by MIPL for rejecting any entry /submission shall be final and binding and not subject to any dispute or challenge. 16. Nothing in the Contest shall affect any intellectual property rights of MIPL in any product or service, which may be the subject matter of the Contest. 17. Disqualification of entries is at the sole discretion of Michelin, on a case by case basis, which shall be final and binding. 18. MIPL reserves the right to withdraw or amend the terms of the Contest at any time during the contest period, with retrospective effect, and does not take the responsibility for any loss or damage that any person / organization / contestant / nominee may suffer as a result of the Contest being withdrawn or its terms amended. 19. MIPL is entitled to take a decision on any case not covered by the present regulations. 20. Non conformity with the rules and regulations by any contestant will lead to immediate exclusion from the Contest. 21. All disputes relating to the contest shall be subject to the laws of India and at the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at New Delhi. 22. The name(s) of the selected Participant(s) shall be communicated via e-mail address provided at the time of submission of the entry to the selected Participant(s) and the selected Participant(s) shall have 3 days from date of notification of their selection to respond with the required documents. Failure to respond within this period shall result in forfeiture. However, there shall be no liability on MIPL in the event such intimation does not reach such Participants on any account whatsoever. 23. MIPL or its affiliates shall be entitled to use, in any manner, the name, photographs and other details of the selected Participant(s) or any likeness and status in any publication including the Prizes awarded to them. By participating in the Contest, all Participants hereby agree to the same. MIPL may, at its discretion, choose not to disclose the identity of the selected Participant to other Participants. 24. MIPL Employees and their families, Employees of associated agencies and their families are not eligible to participate in this contest. 25. MIPL Privacy Policy as provided in shall apply to these Terms and Conditions. 26. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, other specific terms may be imposed by MIPL any time to deal with any unforeseen situation. Participants are requested to refer to such other terms and conditions, if any, which may be displayed online or intimated separately as MIPL considers fit. However, no obligation is cast on MIPL to separately intimate each individual Participant with regard to such additional terms and conditions.