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  • MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 ST

    A safer and peaceful drive everyday, keeping comfort in and noise out

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  • MICHELIN Pilot Preceda 2

    Designed for Asian needs. It combines ultimate sport performances with maximum safety and comfort

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passion for driving

MICHELIN Pilot Sport tyres

Dominate the road with the reference for ultra high-performance tyres

Performance praised by experts

A standout for Motor Trend

«Over the last few years there has been one standout, known among car fans by just two letters and one number: PS2, the Michelin Pilot Sport 2. Michelin has responded by making an even better tyre: the all-new Pilot Super Sport… possibly the best all-around, ultra-high-performance tyre on the market.»

Scott Mortara,
Road Test Editor

Setting the bar for Alpina

«When two perfectionist meet, naturally they produce excellent results. The new MICHELIN Super Sport tyre is the benchmark for sport tyres.»

Andreas Bivensiepen,
Alpina CEO

Unbelievable grip

«The feedback is overwhelming. Everybody who’s driving the car says ‘I can’t believe that tyre, this is so sporty’.»

Franck Walliser,
Vice-President Project 918 Spyder

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When the car fits the tyre

Nowadays, it is inconceivable that any high performance new car will be launched without its tyres having been developed in close partnership with leading car manufacturers. It is not a surprise then that you see us as an original equipment supplier to many of the world’s leading car makers. With the world biggest R&D budget of the sector, we have been responsible for so many important innovations in the tyre industry And when it comes to developing high performance tyres for the world’s best cars, we use our 125 years legacy to give you a world class offer.

MICHELIN tyres are not the simple tyres which you fit on your car. They are unique. Premium car makers work closely with us to make sure that vital design elements are optimized for their latest model.

When the new 919 Spyder, the new SLS or the new BMW M4 and M5 were being developed, car makers knew that tyres are a crucial part of the development process. Starting with the supply of tyre simulation data to the point where the car is computer-modelled and ending with the production of hundreds of tyre prototype versions plus thousands of road track tests, the process is intensive but class-leading.

MICHELIN Pilot Sport tyres are used by some of the best sports car makers in the world, on over 200 performance vehicles. Here is the secret of our quality. A tailor-made product means also that every original equipment using Pilot Sport tyre is customized. The compound or construction will differ and the final tyre will be specifically optimized for this specific model. Here is our tyre couture.

For the best car makers, the only tyres that will do

MICHELIN Pilot Sport tyres are used by some of the best sports car makers in the world, on over 200 performance vehicles.

Ferrarri 458 Italia & 599 GTO

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Gumpert Apollo

Porsche 918 Spyder & GT3 RS