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Rally Racing

The world is our track

From snowy asphalt to desert sands, see how we've been taking on the challenges of rally racing for decades.

International rallies

MICHELIN has been competing in the World Rally Championship for 40 years, winning over 260 individual events and 44 world titles.

In the Dakar Rally – notorious for how hard it is on competitors and their vehicles and tyres – our tyres have taken the crown in the car, motorcycle and truck categories.

These rallies force us to hone our tyres for extreme conditions – lessons that we bring back to the road in your car's tyres.

Passion for XtreM Adventure with Michelin

“It is precisely this balance between spectacle, tyre innovation and mobility of the future that gives the competition its full meaning.”

Pascal COUASNON MICHELIN Motorsport Director

The World Rally Championship: be prepared to face all road conditions

The WRC is a rally race series organised by the FIA – the world governing body of motorsport –, consisting of 13 events driven on surfaces ranging from gravel and tarmac to snow and ice. It's this variation of surfaces and driving conditions that make the WRC such an important part of Michelin's on-going research and development for road tyres. Thus, we are the primary tyre supplier to the WRC, part of a longstanding commitment to motorsport at the highest level.

Guess the main reason? WRC is the closing gap between competition tyres and road tyres. For example, did you know that WRC regulations state that tyre tread depth must not be less than 1.6mm at any point during a rally, the same as the legal requirement on your road car! Besides, all year test done between MICHELIN and car manufacturer team helps us to make new products the best they can be. Although it's something well worth remembering next time you're at the wheel of your own car, especially if it's fitted with Michelin tyres, remember that all the hours Volkswagen-Michelin Team – winners of the WRC 2014-  have spent testing and competing have something to do with their performance.

Watch the highlights of the 2014 WRC won by the Volkswagen-MICHELIN team with driver Sebastien Ogier

“Michelin tyres able to stay focused on driving without worrying about road conditions. It is just perfect!”

Jari-Matti LATVALA Volkswagen-MICHELIN team pilot

MICHELIN'S rally titles

22 Driver titles and
24 Manufacturer titles at the
World Rally Championship

102 wins and
9 titles in Formula 1

360 wins and
26 titles in the MotoGP

24 wins at the
24 Hours of Le Mans

31 wins in the motorcycle category
and 17 wins in the car category
at the Dakar Rally

Dominate the road with MICHELIN Pilot Sport and Latitude Sport tyres

  • Michelin

    Pilot Sport 3 ST

    Designed for driving pleasure with excellent longevity and safety in both wet and dry conditions.

  • Michelin

    Pilot Preceda 2

    Designed for Asian needs. It combines ultimate sport performances with maximum safety and comfort

  • Michelin

    Latitude Sport 3

    Enhanced driving experience with ultimate comfort & silence for on-road usage SUVs.

What gives us our edge?

Bringing multiple performances together with innovative technologies to deliver the total performance all drivers need-that’s MICHELIN® Total Performance™.