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The open road brings out our true nature

Get ready to roll. There’s pure driving pleasure ahead!

Drive like a pro

Take your track skills to a new level. Learn from an expert driver who's constantly out there mastering the art.

  • Have the foresight

    Keep your eyes ahead, looking far down the road so your movements are always natural and prepared for oncoming conditions.


  • Brake hard with ABS

    ABS systems help prevent brake lock-up, but they're best when you brake hard, unlike non-ABS systems.

  • Speed out of a skid in front-wheel drive

    In front-wheel drive cars, speed up when you're fish-tailing. It's counter-intuitive, but the momentum will pull you out of the skid and let you regain control. Also try turning in the opposite direction to the skid.

  • Turn out of a skid in rear wheel drive

    In rear wheel drive cars, don't speed out of skids. Lock the wheel in the opposite direction of the turn.  Once you're straightened out, turn the wheel back.


  • Quick accelerations

    Use the clutch and accelerator to keep your motor in the right rev range. You want to get the most power without compromising traction. When you feel the tug of the motor, release the clutch evenly while feeding the throttle.

  • Traction control

    When you're going too fast and losing grip on the road electronic stability control can't help you. Stay in the speed range your tyres can handle for whatever road condition you're on - whether wet, dry or otherwise.


  • Good brakes and tyres are everything

    Good brakes and tyres keep you out of trouble. Keep them in good shape to avoid trouble.


  • Knowledge is power

    Know the circuit. Learn every turn and stretch to unleash the power of your car, for a tighter, more competitive performance.

  • Respect the limits

    Learn the limits of your car's grip on the track. As you advance you'll develop a sixth sense, knowing whether you're over- or under-steering by your body's cues. You'll see it, and feel it in your inner ears and forearms.

  • Exploit the curves

    Turn trajectory is huge. You want to take curves as wide as possible, easing left before right turns to find the sweet spot, or vice versa. The wider you berth, the faster you can blow through the curve.

  • Steer to the sweet spot

    Strike a balance in your turns. Under-steering is when your trajectory is larger than you want, so you can't turn hard enough. Over-steering is cutting it too tight and can cause fish-tailing and spin-outs. You'll feel it in your seat.

  • Cool your breaks

    Track racing introduces huge amounts of heat in your car's system - especially in the brake pads. Take a lap with minimal braking so the airflow can cool off the iron brake pads.

  • Fluid matters

    Get high temperature brake fluid and make sure it's not too old. Track racing is hard on fluids.


  • Pressure is key

    Every tyre has an optimal pressure when hot. Be vigilant about tyre pressure. When pressure is too high you can over-steer from insufficient contact between the tyres and the road. On the track, the optimal levels are different from standard recommendations. Most sport tyres shouldn’t surpass 32 PSI when hot. Familiarize yourself with the best pressure for your tyres.