Technical Dictionary

Sprung weight
The parts of a car that are supported by its springs, including the frame, engine and body.
A device that lets air in or out of a tyre. It is fitted with a valve cap to keep out dirt and moisture, plus a valve core to prevent air from escaping.
Variable Contact Patch
A system that maximizes the contact patch area during cornering through a combination of asymmetrical tread patterns and underlying belts.
Variable Thickness or Bidirectional Sipe
Two types of sipe technology that increase the rigidity of the tread under loaded conditions, such as cornering, braking, or accelerating. This technology allows tread block surfaces to lock together (in both longitudinal and lateral directions), resulting in precise and responsive steering, short braking distances, and improved transmission of engine torque to the driving surface.
The irreversible process of heating rubber under pressure to improve its strength and resilience.
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