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In addition to its tyre business and world-famous maps and guides Michelin now offers a range of Lifestyle Products under license via Michelin Lifestyle Limited.

About Michelin Lifestyle Limited

Michelin Lifestyle was created in 2000. It was created to extend and enhance the appeal of the Michelin brand through developing new consumer products for markets worldwide. Michelin Lifestyle Limited operates under a licensing model. This entails working with licensees to develop and market Michelin branded products as well as co-branded products under license. Today the business represents …

- More than 75 licensing partners around the world
- Over 1500 different products
- More than 12 million units sold
- World-wide sales in over 85 countries
- Sales through over 30,000 points for sale (of major retail chains for automotive accessories and thousands of independents)
- Total retail sales equivalent of $ 393m

The Michelin Lifestyle business incorporates three categories of products, namely, automotive accessories, footwear, and heritage & culture products

Automotive accessories

A range of practical, high performance, stylish automotive accessories designed to help people preparing for a journey or while on a journey. They include products such as inflators, foot pumps, pressure gauges, car mats and wiper blades. The aim is to bring something new to consumers in terms of offering unique features and benefits
  Click here for the range of Michelin auto accessories


Michelin branded footwear – a range of high tech industrial footwear and classic leisure shoes which utilize Michelin tyre-related expertise to provide durability, comfort and maximum grip.

• Sports footwear collaborations – Michelin works closely with major sports brand owners, drawing on its tyre-related know-how and expertise to bring performance benefits to the product.

To date Michelin has collaborated with the following sports brands to bring Performance to their products:

• Li Ning for a range of basketball shoes and trail running shoes.
Babolat for a range of tennis shoes

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