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A Michelin Man figure on the shoulder of Michelin tyres shows the location of the tread wear indicators situated in each of the main grooves of the tread.

These indicators are small raised areas at the bottom of the grooves of the tread pattern.

The Michelin Man The Michelin Man
Wear indicators Wear indicators

If the surface of the rubber is at the level of these raised areas, the tyre is most likely very close to the safe limit of 1.6 mm, or could even be below it! Use of worn-out tyres increase the probability of tyre failure, and in wet conditions can cause the tyre to lose traction suddenly. In most countries, it is illegal to drive with less than 1.6mm of remaining tread depth.

Taking care of your tyres with the Michelin Safety and Saving tips will not only guarantee your safety but also save your tyre life.


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