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Updated on: 28 August 2013

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The manufacturing facility:

Michelin Group and Tamil Nadu government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Michelin’s tyre manufacturing plant, 50 km north of Chennai at SIPCOT Thervoy Kandigai Industrial Park in Thiruvallur district. With a commitment of an investment of Rs.4,000 crores in 7 years the plant will be spread over an area of 290 acres and will employ minimum 1,500 workers. Michelin is one of the several companies which will come up at SIPCOT Thervoy Kandigai Industrial Park. Along with Michelin, some of these neighbouring companies have also started their construction work on this park.

With the accelerating development of road and highways infrastructure and the number of ongoing road development projects, India is on course to offer customers the opportunity to extract the full value from radial tyres. The Company believes that India holds tremendous potential for the Michelin Group in terms of establishing a world class manufacturing facility. The manufacturing facility will focus first on a range of Radial Truck/Bus tyres. The plant will start operations in 2013 and will focus on the growing Indian market.

From Europe to the Americas to Asia, every Michelin manufacturing plant around the world follows the same uncompromising code of quality and environment protection. Michelin is a major player in the area of better mobility and is known for its spirit of innovation.

Project Progress update:


As on 28 August 2013, 1088 employees are recruited. Currently 87 employees are undergoing training in Michelin facilities situated across the globe and 381 are back from overseas training. Additionally, the junior staff is undergoing training at CPAT-TVS polytechnic at Vanagaram, Chennai, GEEDEE Technical training Institute and DG Charities in Coimbatore.

Site Progress:

The construction work for all key buildings for the start of production has been completed. The machines required for the production have been installed, tested and validated. Various internal testing activities are being carried out for the start of production. Water treatment plant and Waste water treatment plant has also been completed. Apart from the key buildings, construction work is currently underway for few other buildings and nearing completion.

Work on Electrical post building is completed and power from TNEB was received on 22-Feb-2013 with the support of TNEB.
Committed to preserving the region’s water resources, during the construction phase Michelin and its subcontractors are not withdrawing any water from any borewells on the industrial site premises. The water is being purchased from outside the industrial park. Once the SIPCOT Park is operational, water will be piped from the red hills reservoir located more than 20 kilometers away.

As a part of on-going initiative towards preserving the environment, Michelin has been planting saplings at its industrial site. The saplings are planted inside the manufacturing facility as part of the groups ‘Green Factory’ concept. Till 13-August-2013, more than 4200 saplings have been planted at the site.

Michelin Training Centre, the first building to be operational on the site, was launched on 30th May, 2011. The main focus of this training facility is to offer training to both: Michelin employees and the local community surrounding the site. Apart from technical and language training to its own staff, the facility conducts training in soft and technical skills to help improve employment opportunities of the villagers, in general. As on 31st July 2013, the training centre has provided more than 190000 hours of training. Specifically, more than 96000 hours of Language training and more than 95000 hours of Technical training has been completed.

The site office was inaugurated on the 7th of September 2011 giving proper office facilities to enhance better working environment for the employees. Since August 2010, from the start of construction of the site boundary wall and fence to the current construction stage of the factory, Michelin has engaged the villagers who contributed more than 440000 man-days till 31th July 2013. Michelin has provided employment for villagers from 34 near-by villages and towns for its construction work.

Sustainable Mobility and Development Initiatives:

Taking essence from its global vision for 'Sustainable Mobility', Michelin in Tamil Nadu has been participating in events that promote 'Sustainable Mobility and Development'.

Sponsoring CII’s study to estimate Carbon Footprint of Tamil Nadu:

In response to a scientific consensus linking Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from human activities to global climate change, many local governments globally are looking inwards to identify opportunities to reduce GHG emissions not only from their communities, but also within their own operations. Local governments could inventory the emissions from their operations in order to track their performance and ensure that their actions reduce GHG emissions.

In the context of Government of India’s recent international commitment of reducing its GHG Emission intensity of GDP by 20-25% between 2005 and 2020, it has now become imperative for all states in the country to individually chalk out their action plan to achieve this target within their jurisdiction to help the country as a whole achieve its objectives.

Michelin India Tamilnadu Tyres Pvt. Ltd. has sponsored CII’s study to estimate Carbon footprint of Tamil Nadu.
The purpose of this study was to:

  • Enable the state of Tamil Nadu to develop emissions inventories following internationally
  • Recognized GHG accounting and reporting principles with detailed attention to the unique context of local government operations
  • Develop a carbon footprint to serve as a basis towards state’s climate goals
  • Estimate current carbon emissions and project emissions profile by 2020 in BAU situation
  • Identify mechanisms for intervention for the state to reduce carbon intensity by 20% by 2020 across various sectors – industry, transport, etc
  • Develop a Low carbon roadmap for Tamil Nadu to the year 2020 help the country as a whole achieve its objectives.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility):

Michelin was one of the sponsors for the household socio-economic survey conducted by FORRAD (Foundation for Rural Recovery and Development) in 31 villages on the periphery of the site. The survey collected empirical data on education, occupation, skills, income, expenditure, indebtedness and other indicators of socio-economic wellbeing.

The preliminary findings are now available on FORRAD’s website http://www.forrad.org. The survey findings have been translated into Tamil as well and uploaded on FORRAD’s website. Based on these findings and other sources, Michelin has devised its mid-term and long-term strategy for CSR.

Hiring local talent:

Michelin had arranged recruitment drives to provide employment opportunities to eligible youths residing in the vicinity of Michelin Site. So far, two drives have been conducted on 23-March-2012 and 23-May-2012. These drives were for forklift operators, production workers and also graduate. Candidates from Thervoy Kandigai, Kannankottai, Soolaimani, Palavakkam, Kakavakkam, Lachivakkam etc participated in this drive. Through these drives, 5 candidates have joined Michelin on 10-September-2012.

The recent recruitment drive took place in April 2013. Candidates from Periyapalayam, Arani, Uthukottai, Gummidipoondi, Madarpakkam and Kaverapettai attended the process. 500 candidates participated in the process, out of which 187 were shortlisted for written test. 14 have cleared the Michelin test process and 2 have joined Michelin as on date.

In total, Michelin has recruited a total of 16 employees out of which 5 are women and 11 are men.

Hiring local talent

1. Employability Training:

One of the key findings from the social economic study done by FORRAD was the huge difference between the education rate and the employment rate in this area. There were a number educated youth who were educated, however, did not have employment. To help bridge this gap, Michelin has devised programs to help the unemployed.

For Employment with Michelin

Driving training for women:

Michelin had conducted a drive for women to identify and shortlist candidates for Driving Training. The drive took place on 15th of December 2011 at the Michelin manufacturing site. 24 women showed willingness and participated in the drive. 14 of them were shortlisted for the training. Based on their performance, suitable candidates will be given Fork Lift operator Training for employment at Michelin. The Training started on 29-Feb-2012 and completed on 18th April 2012. All 14 women successfully completed the training and received their Driving License.

The next batch of LMV training started on 4-Jul-2012. 9 candidates from the surrounding villages attended the training. They have successfully completed the training and all 9 participants received their licences.

From the Candidates who successfully completed driving training, 11 candidates enrolled and underwent forklift training which took place the Michelin Site. The training was conducted with the support of CIRCA Equipments. The training was successfully completed on 1st August 2012 and all trainees received certificates.

2. Enhancing Employability:

Michelin has created various training programs to help the unemployed. These training programs help them to find new jobs or help them to start their own shops/business. Some of the trainings have been very successful.

Bakery Training:

Bakery training has been one the successful training programs organised by Michelin. The training was conducted in association with Urban Horticulture Development Centre in Chennai. The One-Day training program was conducted on 15-November-2011 in which 21 women participated. 3 good performers from this team were selected and sent for training in Tamilnadu Agriculture University in Coimbatore, which took place on 6th and 7th of March 2012.

Even after this training these women were not confident enough to start the business on their own and based on request, 5 women and a man were given further training through Hotel Management Training Institute, Chennai from 10th to 15th May 2013. After this training the trainees were provided hands on support to produce bakery items and sell their products to Michelin employees. Now, this team is in the process of starting their own unit in the name of “Friends Bakery” and plan to use their corpus fund which they have created and approach Bank for additional support.

Electrician training:

One of the latest initiatives for enhancing employability is Electrician Training. The training started on 21-Jan-2013 and completed on 7th Feb 2013. 7 local youths from nearby villages were trained. The training was facilitated by TVS Training and services limited.

Plumbing training:
The recent activity organized by Michelin to enhance Employability was the plumbing training. 9 participants from the surrounding villages attended this training and benefited. The training was completed on 27 July 2012. As on date, out of the 9 trainees, 4 of them have already started working. 1 has joined a private college as a plumber and 3 of them are self-employed.

Mobile Handset Service Training:

With the boom in the mobile handset market and with a view for giving valuable Training to enhance Employability, Michelin has initiated a Mobile Handset Service Training. The training started on 27th Feb 2012 and 7 Trainees, including 2 women, have registered for the training. The training was conducted by Micro Small Medium Enterprises for duration of 1 month. This training has been of great success. Out of the 7 trainees, 1 has opened a shop at Thandalam, 5 has opened service centres at their homes and services mobile handsets regularly.

Soap making training:

7 women from Sengarai village were trained on the process of soap making. The training started in July 2013 and was completed by the first week of August 2013.

Hotel Management Training:

Eleven local people completed hotel management training in the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Tharamani, Chennai and 5 of them are working as trainees in a leading hotel. Additional training sessions have been planned in the year 2013 as there is great demand in the industry.

Hotel Management Training:

3.Skills Development:

Spoken English Training:

The first and second batch of Michelin sponsored English training program for the community was successfully completed on 18th August 2011. The training programs were conducted by VETA, a premier academy for teaching spoken English. This program was aimed to increase the employability of the deserving youths in surrounding communities like Thervoy Kandigai, Soolaimeni, Sengarai, Palavakkam, Kannankottai etc. Certificates were provided from the institute on successful completion of the program. So far Michelin has conducted 6 batches of spoken English training through VETA and a total of 190 men and women from local villages benefited out of this initiative.

Natural Resource Management:

Green Energy for Community (Bio Gas)

Michelin, under the umbrella of ‘Sustainability Development’ program, has started an Initiative on Bio Gas which will benefit the 31 hamlets around the manufacturing plant. During the first phase (2012) of this Initiative, 91 bio-gas units were constructed in the villages. Out of these, 74 of them were 2 cubic units and 17 of them were 3 cubic units.

To understand the impact of biogas unit as cooking fuel among the beneficiaries, an impact analysis study was done with the support of the PG & Research Department of Social Work, Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, between Feb and Mar 2013 in which 61 beneficiaries were included for this study.

Key findings of the study;

  • The use of firewood in kilograms shows a drastic decrease. Nearly one fourth of the families who have bio gas units have stopped using firewood for cooking and nearly half of the firewood has been saved in average by families. Time spent by women on collecting firewood has been drastically reduced.
  • Nearly one third of the families were not using LPG and after the installation of biogas units nearly half of the families have not used LPG for cooking, there was a gradual decrease in the money spent on LPG. People see and use LPG as a rescuer when biogas runs out of fuel.
  • Vast majority (95.1%) of the respondent perceived biogas is cost effective than fire wood and LPG.

Through this study Michelin found that bio gas is cost effective, requires less start time, helps in fast cooking, smoke free and user friendly. Michelin decided to go for construction of 100 more units in 2013. Michelin is working with the NGO, SKG Sanga on this initiative. As on 12 August 2013, construction of 123 units has been completed and another 68 units will be completed by the end of 2013.

Beneficiaries meet was organized on 05th Feb 2013 to educate them on proper maintenance of the bio gas units. Officials from SKG Sangha and Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) participated and trained the beneficiaries.

Restoration of irrigation channels:

Many of the irrigation channels in the area are heavily silted, weeded up, and encroached upon and are therefore unusable. This has led to the fields being left fallow because of the shortage of water and the proliferation of tube wells that exploit groundwater. Over 35 km of irrigation channels in Mukarambakkam, Karadiputhur, Kannankottai, Sengarai and Kakkavakkam have been restored .The work was undertaken manually by the local people. The work was monitored and measured by a local team and supervised by FORRAD and Action for Food Production (AFPRO) staff.

Over 500 families have benefitted from the restoration of these channels. The channels have subsequently been maintained by all the 12 panchayats who are using MNREGA.

Table: Irrigation channels restored and employment generated
Village Length of irrigation channel desilted (metres)

Employment generated

(man days)*

Mukarampakkam 8722 1457
Karadiputhur 5062 717
Kanankottai 1874 414
Sengarai 13610 1908
Kakkavakkam 6119 1022
Kilkarumanoor 2000 1200
Soolaimeni 1200  
Total 38587 6718

Water testing:

From 13 to 23 March 2012, 127 sources – a random sampling of open lakes, open wells and tube wells in 31 villages have been tested using field water testing kits. The tests were conducted by FORRAD staff using kits developed by the TWAD Board. The FORRAD facilitation cell (consisting of 7 people) were trained to conduct field water tests by a water analyst from TWAD on 25th February 2012. The water was tested for the following parameters: pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Chloride, TDS, Fluoride, Ammonia, Phosphate, Residual Chlorine, Iron, Nitrate, Nitrite, turbidity, appearance, odor and bacteria.

Typically, each village had the following water sources tested: 1. The major drinking water source (usually a tube well) 2.One lake or pond, 3. One open well 4. One irrigation well tested. The number of sources tested altered slightly given the size of the village and the sources available.

With the exception of 39 sources, the rest of the water was found to be bacteriologically contaminated. Of these, 26 were drinking water sources taken from overhead tanks.

Detailed lab tests have been conducted on a select sample of 7 sources to serve as a baseline.

All selected sources have been coded and will be tested twice a year, in the dry and monsoon season. FORRAD volunteers will conduct the tests and disseminate the results locally. The results were given to the local Panchayat heads. Results of the tests conducted so far are available on the FORRAD’s website (http://www.forrad.org/). 

Based on these findings, a water safety flier has been prepared on the causes and impact of contamination. It also contains recommendations on how to prevent the contamination and to prevent the same at source. These were circulated among the users of these water bodies and relevant Panchayat officials throughout May 2012. The results are also shared with the concerned PHC doctors, the DDHS of Thiruvallur District, and the BDO during April 2012.

131 sources were tested in the 2013 pre monsoon season (between 14 - 20 May). In the results it was found that 67 water sources had water with bacterial contamination, 86 water sources had water with TDS above acceptable limit of 500 ppm and 29 water sources had water with chloride above acceptable limit of 200 ppm. 72 water sources had water with hardness above acceptable limit 300 ppm, 53 water sources had water with alkalinity above acceptable limit of 200 ppm and 21 water sources had water with the above acceptable limit of 0.3 ppm. Comparing these results with the previous year’s tests in the same season there has been an overall 10% drop in the incidence of bacterial contamination of water.

Of the 45 overhead tanks tested, it was found that 18 tanks had water with bacterial contamination, 37 tanks had water with TDS above acceptable limit of 500 ppm and 9 tanks had water with chloride above acceptable limit of 200 ppm. 30 water sources had water with hardness above acceptable limit 300 ppm, 21 tanks had water with alkalinity above acceptable limit of 200 ppm and 3 tanks had water with residual chloride above acceptable limit of 0.2 ppm.30 water sources had water with ammonia contamination. 15 tanks had water with water ammonia trace and 20 tanks had water with nitrite trace.

This is a 14% reduction in contamination from the same period of the previous year. This can be attributed to the cleaning of the tanks.

Click here to download the flier.

Cleaning of Overhead Water Tanks

Of the 46 community overhead water tanks tested for contamination in 31 villages and hamlets, 26 of them were found to be severely bacteriologically contaminated. It was discovered that these tanks had not been cleaned for years. Many of them had not been cleaned since they were constructed. So as first step, towards providing clean and safe water to households, FORRAD in cooperation with the local communities undertook the process of cleaning the tanks during August 2012. Overhead tanks in the following villages were cleaned:

Kollanoor 2 Thambu Naidupalayam 1
Sengarai 2 Kannankottai 2
J.J. Nagar 1 Lachivakkam 2
Kakkavakkam 1 Kazhadai 1
Eri Colony 1 Soolaimeni 1
Kizhkaramanur 2 Annavaram 1
Vettakaranmedu 1 Mukkarampakkam 1
Vannankuppam 2 Chinnavannankuppam 1
Mukkarampakkam 1 Anjamedu 1
Thandalam 1 Mambedu 1

The process involved cleaning the tank, whitewashing the inside walls, chlorinating the water to the degree recommended by the Health Department. Approximately Rs 5000 was spent on the cleaning of each tank.

Water tests subsequent to the cleaning of the tanks showed that of the 26 contaminated tanks, 15 are now bacteria free. There are various reasons for the contamination of the remaining 11 tanks. The tanks went through a process known as super-chlorination in September 2012. Test results have shown that the water from 4 tanks still remain bacteriologically contaminated.

Bacteria could be present in the water as a result of garbage etc being dumped in the area directly under the tank. Further action will be taken after discussion. FORRAD has been working with local panchayats to address this problem. The next step would be replacement of pipes, valves etc which were found to be in a state of disrepair.

FORRAD will continue to monitor the quality of drinking water sources.

In May ’13 another request was received from the Kakkavakkam panchayat for the cleaning of the OHT near the school.

Cleaning of Open Wells:

At the request of the Chandrapuram community (Mukarampakkam Panchayat) the open well was attended to. The clearing of bushes and cleaning of garbage was done under MNREGA. Close to 100 families now fetch water from this well. Recently open well cleaning have been completed in 4 more villages, namely

Thambu Naidupalayam

Cleaning of Open Wells

Training in panchakavya and organic composting

On 8 September 2012, a day long training programme on the making and use of panchakavya (an effective and increasingly popular organic pesticide) and natural composting was conducted in Thandalam. It was attended by 98 farmers from 10 villages. 10 farmers have learned to prepare and use panchakavya .More farmers are showing interest in using it. For now, as a pilot, the panchakavya is only being used for vegetable cultivation; however it is likely that it will begin to be used for paddy in the coming months.

Restoration of traditional water storage structures:

To enhance the quantity of water available in the area, TamaraiKulam (pond) in Sengarai was de-silted by FORRAD, its banks were rebuilt, and its inlet and outlets were restored to use. De-silting activities carried out between September-November 2011 have increased the pond area to about 4.09 acres, 70% of its original area. Today, it again serves as an important source of water for livestock from the villages of Sengarai, Soolaimeni, Palavakkam, and Kilkaramanur. Please find some data below

  Approximate tank area (ha) Approximate storage capacity (L)
Original 2.50 50,000,000
After encroachments 1.33 19,950,000
After restoration work 1.65 34,000,000

Sivan koilkulam restored:

Responding to requests from the farmers and from the village Panchayat, FORRAD arranged for the restoration of the lake in cooperation with the local community. The work was monitored and undertaken by local people during the month of November 2012. As the soil had compacted quite a great deal the initial digging had to done mechanically after which local people from Keezh Karumanur were employed for the rest. The two kulams together have a storage capacity of 10 million litres. As one of the lakes is a percolation lake it will fill more than once. The Sengarai lake is areas largest lake and Sivan koil kulam gets its overflow during the monsoon period that lasts from October 2012 to mid January 2013. FORRAD had, in 2011, undertaken the restoration of Tamarai kulam which feeds the Sengarai lake.

Availing of Government benefits and subsidies:

The household socio-economic survey done by FORRAD has produced lists of persons living in conditions of extreme poverty, eligible for Government pensions and subsidies but not receiving them. Starting with the persons eligible for old age pension and widows, FORRAD staffs have, in the past few months assisted in gathering the documentation and certifications required and submitting their applications to the relevant office.

A total of 603 applications have been submitted so far and 150 sanctions have come through.

Awareness Generation around the IAMWARM scheme:

Farmers meetings were held at Mukarampakkam, Lachivakkam, Kakkavakkam and Vannankuppam over June, July and August 2012. Around 300 marginal farmers have attended so far. The first few of the meetings were conducted by Dr.Muthuramalingam of KrishiVigyan Kendra(KVK), Tirur. Later, the meetings were led by local farmers who had attended previous sessions and facilitated by FORRAD staff. The focus was on disseminating information on SRI – (System of Rice Intensification) a process of rice cultivation that doubles productivity while reducing the consumption of water by half.

The awareness meetings were initially conducted by Dr.Muthuramalingam, and later by local farmers who had availed of the benefits from KVK and were familiar with SRI. Additionally 20 farmers from these meetings went to visit the agricultural demonstration centre at KrishiVigyan Kendra, Tirur.

As a consequence of the IAMWARM training, 50 farmers have decided to experiment with SRI. Each farmer has received the following materials free of cost for 1 hectare of land. This is a one-time incentive offer from the Government for the below materials.

  • Paddy - 8 kg
  • Zinc Sulphate - 25 kg
  • Fertilizer (DAP)- 15 kg
  • Potash - 34 kg
  • Phosphate - 220 kg
  • Urea - 300 kg.

Health Care:

Responding to requests from the local people and as a first step in the direction of addressing the health care requirements of the local people – Michelin has initiated health camps. These camps cover paediatrics, gynaecology, general health care and eye care. The eye camps are being undertaken in cooperation with Sankara Nethralaya (http://www.supportsankaranethralaya.org/Updates.html) and the rest are being administered by Lifeline Hospitals (http://www.lifelinehospitals.com/corporate.php) and Chettinad Hospital and Research Institute. These camps serve to map out the health status of the local people and assist with a long term plan.

Health Camps:

A number of health camps have been carried out in order to trigger demand for and improve access to quality health care in the area. Since 2011, sixteen camps have been carried out in various villages. In order to ensure widespread coverage, people in neighbouring villages were informed about the camps and invited to participate as well. In the course of these camps, 5351 people were examined, 4199 people received medication and 1267 people were referred and treated.

Below are the details of the Health camps conducted till end August 2013:

Health Camps are also conducted in partnership with Bekaert India.

Health camps conducted
Location Date conducted

Number of people


Number of people administered medicines Number of referrals and people treated
Soolaimeni 19/02/11 224 205 4
Annavaram 7/5/2011 310 310 15
Karadiputhur 18/06/11 230 230 62
Palavakkam 27/08/11 232 232 60
Sengarai 26/11/11 292 292 44
Vannankuppam 17/12/11 316 290 76
Kannankottai 18/02/2012 410 275 75
Lachivakkam 21/04/2012 222 210 40
Kollanoor 30/06/2012 270 90 90
Thandalam 28/07/2012 273 110 120
Soolaimeni 29/09/2012 410 320 75
G.R. Kandigai 3/11/2012 310 280 80
Sengarai 8/12/2012 279 171 85
Mukkarampakkam 02/02/2013 278 200 75
Lachivakkam 23/03/2013 305 216 52
Vannankuppam 20/04/2013 260 193 40
Kollanoor 18/05/2013 244 207 124
Palavakkam 20/07/2013 216 167 62
Kakkavakkam 29/08/2013 270 201 86
  Total 5351 4199 1267

Eye Camps:

In order to improve access to quality eye care for vulnerable populations, including the elderly, 16 eye camps were held since 2010. Michelin have been conducting these camps in Association with Shankara Netralaya. A total of 3671 people were screened, 215 cataract operations were conducted and 1483 pairs of spectacles were distributed. Below are details of the eye camps conducted till end August 2013.

Eye camps conducted
Location Date conducted Number of people examined Number of cataract operations Number of spectacles distributed
Sengarai 18/09/2010 245 Nil Nil
Karadiputhur 13/11/2010 200 24 Nil
Karadiputhur 12/12/2010 154 7 96
Sengarai 5/2/2011 267 9 91
Palavakkam 19/04/2011 375 20 123
Mukkarampakkam 30/04/2011 190 12 61
Lachivakkam 28/05/2011 210 13 110
Kannankottai 25/06/2011 270 18 96
Thandalam 12/11/2011 242 20 65
Kollanur 3/12/2011 138 7 68
Soolaimeni 21/01/2012 202 11 111
Kakkavakam 17/03/2012 179 13 76
Vannankuppam 26/05/2012 157 4 75
Palavakkam 15/12/2012 303 27 177
Kannankottai 23/02/2013 322 17 198
Thandalam 15/06/2013 217 13 136
  Total 3671 215 1483

School Health and Hygiene Promotion Program:

Michelin Supported Indian Red Cross Society Tamilnadu Branch for implementing “School Health and Hygiene Promotion Program” in 27 Schools including - primary (19), middle schools (4) and high schools (4) around our factory in Thiruvallur district. These institutions are either run by the Government or aided by the Government. The objectives of the program are:

  • Promoting health and hygiene behaviour of all students in target schools.
  • Creating greater awareness on specific health issues and respective prevention strategies and good environments for all the children in the society through peer education and other promotional activities.
  • Establishing and enhancing the supportive systems in the target institutions.
hool Health and Hygiene Promotion Program

First Aid training was conducted for 40 teachers from the near-by schools from 11 to 16 July 2013. On 18-July-2013, 27 headmasters were given a sensitization program on age specific Health and Hygiene curriculum which will be distributed to children from the age of 5 to 14.

To sensitize the Head Masters of the target schools on the importance of the school health and hygiene promotion program, a one day sensitization meeting was organized on 21st July 2012 at Michelin Training Center. 26 Headmasters from the selected schools, 6 facilitators from Indian Red Cross, Tamilnadu Branch and officials from Michelin participated in the meeting. The participants were briefed about the project activities, implementation strategies, roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders.

To take it to the next level, a 2-day First Aid training was organized for Teachers on 1st September 2012. 46 teachers attended this training program from 27 schools. All the 27 schools were provided with First Aid kits. Following that, a 1-day training was organized on 30th October 2012 to familiarize the teachers on Red Cross “Age Specific Curriculum” to promote Health and Hygiene among students. Totally 46 teachers participated in that training.

Junior Red Cross units have been formed in 27 schools and 22 teachers, who are in-charge for the units attended training on functioning of Junior Red Cross held at Indian Red Cross Society, Tamilnadu branch on 14th Dec 2012.

Baseline survey was conducted in 27 schools through external consultants to assess the existing health and hygiene condition in schools. The objectives of the survey were

  • To study the existing system, facilities and practices of school and community with regard to health and hygiene.
  • To understand the participation of local communities, PRIs and other local players to provide healthy environment for students in schools.
  • To provide incentives to enhance the ongoing Red Cross Health and Hygiene Promotion program in schools.

Peer Education training to Students:

There are many reasons cited in literatures to justify the use of peer education model to promote safety, health and hygiene behavior among students especially during adolescent stage. Moreover, Red Cross has adopted peer education model in their other ongoing health and hygiene promotion programs and found it successful and beneficial to the students than other conventional methods. The same method was adopted in 4 Middle and 4 High schools. Out of 1490 students studying in standard 6 to 9, 219 were selected as peer educators and given 2 days training on specially designed age specific curriculum. The training content was as follows;

Content for 6th & 7th Standard Students Content for 8th & 9th standard Students
Accident / Injury prevention Adolescent Health
Personal Hygiene Personal Hygiene
Food & Nutrition Life Skills
Road safety Food & Nutrition
Humanitarian values Road Safety

Renovation of School Toilets The recent baseline survey reveals that almost all the target schools are having toilets but not maintained properly due to various reasons like poor design, no proper septic tanks, lack of water and drainage facilities etc. Therefore it was decided to support schools to renovate the existing toilets and make it usable. Through this program Michelin agreed to support renovation of 10 toilets in this year. In each school a five member committee was formed to monitor the renovation work and assurance was obtained from the school and the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) for proper maintenance of the toilets. As on first week of August 2013, 4 toilets renovation are completed and 2 are in progress.

Talent Exhibition event for students:
To create awareness on clean environment, safety, personal hygiene and adolescent health, a week-long elocution, essay writing and poster competition was organized for students. About 150 students participated in the preliminary rounds conducted within the schools and 48 shortlisted students from 4 middle and 4 high schools participated in the final rounds conducted on 28th Feb 2013 at Palavakkam high school.

Talent Exhibition event for students

"The students in this area have great talent and get least opportunity to express it. Through this program they got an opportunity to showcase their talents and thereby motivated."- Tmt. Thangam, Teacher from Soolaimeni Middle School.

Disability Awareness Camp:

Michelin India organized one day disability awareness program with the support of Ability Foundation on 04 February 2012 at Government middle school in Soolaimeni village. More than 150 People with different kind of disabilities participated in the program. The focus of the program was to create awareness on disability issues, rights, attitudes and opportunities. The participants and their family members were given guidance and counselling for enhancing self-esteem and vocational skills of people with disability.

Mr. Joseph Ravi, District Disability Rehabilitation Officer participated in the camp and disseminated information on state government schemes and facilities available to people with disabilities. He had personally interviewed all eligible participants and guided them on how to obtain benefits of different government schemes.

Dr. Krishna Chandra, Deputy Director of Employment, Vocational Rehabilitation for Handicapped, disseminated information on vocational training opportunities available through the central government schemes. Staff team of Ability foundation counselled people with disability on employment opportunities.

This program created awareness on the hidden talents of people with disability and how to motivate them to bring out the talents. A profile of people with disability in the vicinity of Michelin factory was created so as to be better able to plan follow-up programs. 15 Michelin staff volunteers participated and helped out people with disability during the awareness program.

Disability Awareness Camp

Computer Training to Differently abled:

To improve the employability of differently abled, Michelin sponsored computer training for 6 differently abled persons in ICT, Uthukottai. It was a 3 month certificate course on desk top publishing (DTP). 2 men and 4 women completed the training on 16th Feb 2013. 3 have taken up employment in private companies.

Supporting the disabled for availing government benefits:

Michelin had initiated a survey to identify the disabled persons in the community to support and enhance their skills. After identification, Michelin supported them to avail benefits of various government schemes. Michelin would also support them in training which would help them enhance their employability skills. To understand the training opportunities, 16 disabled persons were taken to the Vocations Rehabilitation Centre of Handicaps. A camp was also conducted on 27-Jul-2012 along with the district differently abled rehabilitation officer and doctors. In this camp, 61 participated, and 43 persons would receive new ID cards. The offices also agreed to give 2 wheel chairs, 1 tri-cycle and 8 hearing aid. As an outcome of this camp, aid distribution program was organized in Michelin site on 27th September 2012 where 39 disability ID cards, 10 hearing aids 2 wheel chairs and 1 tri-cycle were distributed to the eligible physically challenged people.


Support to Government KG Schools:

To improve the cognitive and motor skills of children between the age group of 2 to 6, studying in 25 Government Anganwadies (KG Schools) closer to our site, Michelin organized one day training to the Anganwadi teacher and provided specially designed teaching and learning materials to the KG Schools on 11-September-2012. About 500 Children benefited directly through this program. This program was organized in collaboration with District Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS).

Support to Government KG Schools

One day refresher training was organized for the same teachers on 09th April 2013; the teachers were motivated to continue the play way education method to enhance learning abilities of children in 25 Anganwadies. Trainers from Aid India facilitated the training. Refresher training to the teachers organized on 09th April 2013 where the teachers were motivated to continue the play way education method effectively.

Computer Training:

Volunteers from Michelin took the next step to train the school students on basic computer skills. The training took place for the students of 2 schools. A total of 108 students benefited from this training program. Students from Government Higher secondary school, Koppur and Government Higher secondary school, Kakkallur took place in this program

Computer Training

The Eureka SuperKidz Programme:

This programme runs after-school evening support classes in 10 villages across the project area. A total of 419 students are enrolled in these centres, where their language, mathematics, science and English competencies are strengthened. The teachers, 3 per school, are hired from the village to conduct these evening support classes. The teachers are vetted and selected through a process of parent meetings, Panchayat and school teacher meetings as well as personal interviews. The teachers receive training from educationists at Association for India’s Development (AID). They also receive teaching kits which they use to guide their classes

On 28th August 2012, a Eureka Tuition centre was inaugurated at Soolaimeni in support with Michelin. This tuition centre would provide a separate facility for evening tuition for the children and would support better learning.

The Eureka SuperKidz Programme

The progress of each child is monitored by AID according to specific parameters for different age groups.

Enrolment in support classes as of June 2013
Block Village Enrolment
Ellapuram JJ Nagar 34
Ellapuram Kakkavakkam 26
Gummidippoondi Kannankottai 30
Gummidippoondi Karadiputhur 12
Gummidippoondi Kollanoor 35
Gummidippoondi Mukkarampakkam 32
Ellapuram Sengarai 21
Ellapuram Soolameni 24
Ellapuram Thandalam 22
Gummidippoondi Thervoy 40
Total 276

Summer English Classes:

To enhance the communication skills of students, Michelin has initiated summer English Classes for students in 9th and 10th classes of Kannankottai High School. The Program started on 7th May 2012 and nearly 60 students attended the classes. Michelin employees volunteer and spend 2 hours on Tuesday of every week at the Kannankottai High school to help the children with their English skills.

Career Guidance to the 12th Standard completed students in May 2013:

Career Guidance to the 12th Standard completed students in May 2013

Planning right career is always quite a challenging process to the students residing in rural areas. The process is influenced by many factors, including the context in which they live, their personal aptitudes, educational attainment, financial background of the family, parents’ awareness and involvement in their child’s education. Further, lack of exposure and non availability of career counsellors to direct students to choose right career path is also having significant impact on choosing right career options. Even in schools the students do not get proper training on how to choose right career options.

Though many of the youngsters residing around Michelin factory have completed higher secondary education and graduation, significant number of youths are remain unemployed and underemployed. When Michelin analysed the scenario it was found that many of the students are not having proper guidance to choose right courses which is having employment opportunities and having little knowledge on industries and its manpower requirements. Students are concentrating much on getting graduated rather than enhancing their skills which is vital for performing jobs after their graduation. To address the above gaps, Michelin decided to start career guidance program to the high and higher secondary school students as one of the CSR initiatives.

Career Guidance to the 12th Standard completed students in May 2013

With the objectives of creating awareness on different career options and guide students on how to choose right course, two day career guidance program was organized on 6th and 7th May 2013. The program was targeted 12th standard completed students as this is the crucial stage to take right career decision. 87 students from 12 villages participated in this program. Experts from DONBOSCO, Vazhikatti facilitated the program. During the program the students were given information on different career options, job oriented short term courses, how to get employed in industries and things to consider while choosing institutions to study etc.

25 regular staff from Michelin volunteered for this initiative. They met the students individually and collectively shared their experience and expertise. They supported the students to develop right career path through individual and group counseling sessions. The Michelin staff volunteers committed to guide the students after result of the examination is published.

Feedback from the participants

Feedback from the participants

“Through this program I understood that there are many opportunities to ITI and diploma completed students, further I understood that doing Diploma courses is not inferior and after completion of Diploma I can join in engineering courses”. Kumar

“My ambition is to become a teacher, before coming to this program I do not know that two years teacher training diploma course is available in Government institutions and which is not expensive. I also understood the whereabouts of the institute in Thiruvallur district and how to apply”. Sunitha

Road Safety:

“Meeting the challenge of road safety not only through tire innovations but also through community involvement is tangible proof of one of Michelin’s fundamental values, which is respect for people”

Road Safety Elocution Competition:

Michelin has initiated a Road Safety Program in rural areas because safety issues are a big concern for parents in rural areas, who leave for work early and cannot accompany their children to school. Moreover due to their economic situation very few of them could afford a private vehicle to drop their kids to school. Therefore school children in rural areas are more at risk because of the longer journeys to and from school with friends and often on their own. We have partnered with Junior Red Cross and the Indian Road Transport- Gummidipoondi to develop a comprehensive range of road safety teaching aids, student activities and lesson plans which can be incorporated into the new school curriculum for students.

To encourage the high school students in 8th and 9th Grade to think about Road Safety a speech competition was planned and conducted at the Michelin Safety Induction Centre on 20th November 2012 on the theme “Road Safety is my Responsibility”. The purpose of the event is to engage with this age group and get them to deliver a strong road safety message.

A Road Safety Bus from the Indian Road Transport was also brought to the site, which had models on various road safety topics to help them understand the various issues in the existing road safety scenario and insist the students on the safe practises they can adapt while walking, cycling and road crossing. Also through these school children attempt could be made to reach out to the entire community, as each child could be used as a catalyst to spread the road safety education in their families and neighbourhood.

Road Safety Program in Schools

In collaboration with Institute of Road Transport (IRT), Gummidipoondi, two road safety awareness programs were conducted in Government High School Thandalam and Palavakkam on 14th and 15th Mar 2013. Road safety bus from IRT was brought to the schools to create awareness among the students. About 800 students from standard 06th to 10th visited the bus. Special session on road safety was conducted for class 8th and 9th students. Competitions were conducted for students on road safety topics and the winners were appreciated with motivational prizes.

In July 2013, Road Safety Labels were provided to around 3000 school children. The labels were customised for different age group of children and the road safety messages were also appropriately designed.

Road Safety Signages

Michelin, in association with State Highways Department, has implemented some Road Safety initiatives along SH51 (State Highway 51). Work in this direction has already commenced with the Company installing 60 road safety reflective boards between Janapanchatram to Pallavakkam. In addition, Michelin has recently installed 32 reflective boards, with various road safety messages, on the village Panchayath road connecting Pallavakkam and the mud road leading to the Company site. This initiative will not only help in safe travel but also aim at increasing awareness and visibility on safety while travelling on these roads. During first week of June 2012, after to identifying the need, 5 more reflective boards were installed in Soolaimeni village

Further to develop a comprehensive road safety program with short term and long term objectives , a baseline study was conducted on ‘various road safety parameters on SH 51: Janapanchatram to Uthukottai’ with the support of Civitas. It has been presented to the Highway department officials to develop a multi stake holder action plan.

Other Special Activities:

Village Specific Activities:

Listening to the needs and requirements of villages, Michelin also supports the villages in certain specific activities from time to time.

Soccer Coaching:

Michelin initiated an activity to support football in the vicinity. Michelin has supported in levelling of the football ground at KannanKottai School and has also initiated coaching for the Physical Education Trainer for the School. Soccer balls, team wears and boots have been donated to the schools by Michelin. The Michelin staffs are training the school team players.

Soccer Coaching

Community Interaction:

Michelin’s Interaction with the community took the next step with the release of its Community Newsletter ‘THULIR’. 5 editions of the Newsletter have already been distributed. The 5th edition of Thulir was distributed in the 1st week of June 2013. Through this newsletter, Michelin updates the community on the updates from the site and also various trainings available for the community to enhance their skills. This also acts as a tool for the community for participating in various training programs conducted by Michelin.

On the Feb 2013 Thulir edition, Michelin conducted a road safety drawing competition for children in the villages. There was a great response for this competition and 832 children participated in this. As a token of appreciation, Children were gifted with small stationery kits with road safety message.

Community Interaction

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